When you walk in truth, you walk with God.


4 thoughts on “Footsteps

  1. The question however is what is truth? Is truth relative or is it an absolute? What is truth to me or to the next person might not be truth to you so are they walking with God in their own truth? In this instance what we define as truth will in turn define our god isn’t it? So is God an abstract concept of our own making or is God real and living?

    • What a thought provoking comment! I think most truths originate at an absolute level and through general consensus they can gain relative value. This is not to say we can’t hold our own individual truths. There is no way to concretely prove a truth. Free will gives us the choice to believe in God or not. Depending on what religion someone chooses to follow, there maybe a bible, or religious manuscripts, which provides observations and morals code that are to be followed.

      Thank you for the comment. It gave me plenty to think about.

  2. Jade,
    I do not want to judge you but from what I have seen of your blog you seem to believe in God.

    The question though is who is God? You say free will gives us the choice to believe in God – that is true to a degree. But the Hindu believe in his god, the Bhuddist his god, the Muslim his god, the Animist his god and so on. Each believing that their “truth” is absolute. some believe in the concept of god being a sentient being whilst others believe that god is just a level of consciousness that humans can attain to. So when we talk about God or a god we should perhaps define what we mean?

    For me there is but one God! The Living God who is a consuming fire! The God who painted the universe and everything in it just by speaking it into existence. The God who created me from the dust of the earth and put His life breath in me. The God who calls me to serve Him by believing on His Son Jesus Christ who he sent to die on the cross so that through Him (if we believe) we (humanity) have a hope of salvation from this perishing world and wrath which is to come. The God who says I AM GOD AND THERE IS NONE BESIDE ME! Now this is my truth, not relative but absolute and this is the truth I share with you.

    • Henry,

      I do believe in God and share your view of a Christian God. I do believe that one’s belief in God stems from an absolute view through our free will, but gain relative value when others share the same view. Most people believe God to be the Supreme Creator of all things and is the ultimate source of goodness. When people share beliefs, they must an agreed set of ideas that must be followed in order for the belief to exist. If people didn’t agree to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, there would be no Christians. I do believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but if no one chooses to accept that belief, again there would no Christians. This would not change the fact that Jesus Christ is the God’s Son, but in order for that belief to flourish, people need to believe and propagate that idea.

      In most religions, God chooses someone or people to spread His or Her messages to the masses. God tells them the moral codes and traditions that must be followed. When following a religion, our definition of God doesn’t originate in us, but is given to us by God Himself or Herself.

      I’m not saying it’s impossible to have one’s own absolute beliefs about God and free will allows us to worship our reality of God according to our choosing.

      Again thank you for the thought-provoking comment.

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