Reflections of Greatness

During our lifetimes, God will reveal to us through another, the best person we could be.


2 thoughts on “Reflections of Greatness

  1. Amen: That is how God gave me the name Faith Talk because I love to share my testimonies of how God has blessed me. Those who I fellowship with share their insight and testimony about what God has shown them. I am encouraged, by God, through them. A young lady told me in bible study and I quote; “When you read from the bible it is like Paul is reading.” That really encouraged me because I used to have to read aloud as a child to catch up in my reading class. Little did I know God was preparing me for reading scripture aloud. God Bless you Jade!

    • What a glorious testimony of faith! We all need constant displays and words of encouragement, because it’s easy to get diverted on our path with Christ.

      As a child I’ve always had an affinity towards writing, but wasn’t sure as to what direction I wanted to take as a writer.

      In the past few years God has tested my faith in every way possible. God was preparing me for something but I wasn’t sure for what. Through continuous prayer and reflection my purpose become crystal clear. God even confirmed my epiphany through numerous people who made similar statements about my writings.

      It’s amazing how throughout your life God is preparing you for divine works and will continuously nudge you until you fulfill the Holy One’s will.

      I pray that God continues to bless your ministry and may the Holy Spirit assist you bringing many souls to heaven.

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